Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Menu Plan for this week

Never, ever on time, I know!

Monday - Daddy grilled some burgers, super tasty but no pics
Tuesday - Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta
Wednesday - Peachy Keen Chicken
Thursday - Chicken Paella
Friday - Asian Noodles
Saturday - Chicken Parm
Sunday - Home made pizza

Should be an interesting week...last week with all my babies at home.  Aiden starts Kindergarten on Monday and baby Cole will be starting daycare part time.  Husband has made sure that I will not be bored however.  I have staining the wood for our new dining room table and prepping for painting the house!!  Can't wait...really.  Except for the stress that Kindergarten and leaving my baby with new people for the first time ever in his whole little life...everything will be great!!


Sarah True said...

Taryn - Your weekly menu plan is so much cooler, better, tastier, interesting then mine!! Can't wait to see pic's & the recipes!

TarynTula said...

I almost wanted to say Lemon Garlic Pasta Thingy in your honor!!

Sarah said...

haha you should have! It was delicous by the way and I think the name may just stick for the recipe card!

TarynTula said...

You will have to send me the recipe. The Jake is a huge fan of all things pasta!