Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am back...kinda

I know - I have super sucked at the blogging bit lately.  Not that you asked, but, what with my little Aido starting Kindergarten a month ago, starting to ease Cole into the care of another, the crazy drama of people who would like me to call them family and me desperately searching for a job I have been a wee bit overwhelmed with underwhelming results.

Aiden is doing fabulously in school.  He loves it and I haven't heard a complaint from him yet.  I thought that the novelty would have worn off awhile ago and that by now I would have heard at least one muttering of, "but, I don't want to go to school!"  Not one, can you stand it??  Color me impressed.  The highlight of everyday on our walk back home from school is what he had for lunch.  It is apparently a huge deal that he gets at least three things to choose from each day.  We high five on the days that he picks something healthy and delicious from the salad bar.

Cole is a big hit with his part time caretaker.  He will start to go on a more consistent basis once I get one of those job things, but for now he is going twice a week in order to get him adjusted to someone new and so that our spot is saved.  The caretaker adores him and he seems to be all in one piece once I retrieve him, so that has to be something.

As for the drama with the "people", it went from stagnant to horrific and where there used to be a small place in my mind and heart where I thought forgiveness may one day be a possibility, they succeeded in completely ruining that in one short email.  Words are weapons people - be very sure of yourself before setting out to go to war.

The job business - well that has been interesting.  I have had 2 interviews so far - one that I thought went amazing and ended up going nowhere - another today that I have no clue how it went but should know very soon.  As much as I have enjoyed all the time I have had with my babies, I think it is time - on so many levels - to get back amongst the grown folk.

Until next time...think happy and lucrative thoughts!

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