Friday, August 27, 2010

Letter to Them

I wish I liked you, really I do.

I wish I could disregard the things you said, the things you did...but I cannot.

Your words and deeds were ugly.  Unforgivable.  Despicable.

You would like me to see a sincerity and kindness in you...I can only see the opposite.

How is it possible for someone who made a choice to be a parent to throw that choice back in the child's face?  I have a father who is not my father.  I have a man who is not my father but is my father.  They both made choices.  One out of fear and selfishness and the other out of love and honor.  Neither has ever thrown those choices in my face - nor have I to them.  The one who is not my father but is my father would never dream of telling me anything like what your husband told my husband...not ever.  He does not tell all those he meets about his Christian mentality or duties.  He does not tell me how to parent my children.  He does not tell me that I or my husband are tragic fools.  He does not suggest that we seek counseling or God.  He does not threaten to have either of us investigated.  And he never would.  He is a man, a decent and loving man - who looks for ways to support and encourage not put down and destroy.

I am sad that I can't like you.  Its not longer a choice that I have - you, your words and more importantly your actions have made that choice for me and you.  You have finally destroyed any chance of that.

I am not sad.

I am not sick.

I cry no tears for you - but certainly have shed tears for my husband and what you have done to him.

Disappointment abounds.

So much for your "unbreakable family bond".

I come from a long line of crazy - but those who are afflicted own their sickness and their actions, past and present.  I feel for those in the world that are sick and have no idea.

I feel for you.

I protect myself from potential reoccurances of crazy and vow to protect my children as well.  Your brand of crazy will never touch my children.

Not ever.

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