Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I did it!

I did it!  I went site stalking and found some delightful decorating ideas and became a big ol' copycat!
I saw this great idea and the husband ended up having just the right amount of scraps in just about the right sizes.  Thing One was quite happy to help, and of course have his picture taken.
Then, I remembered having seen "House Rules" canvases on a number of sites, so I came up with this:

Mine is not near as polished and lovely as those that I had seen.  This was the first project I took on.  I fell short in a few areas (some papers were not so perfectly lined up and I don't think I did a great job hand painting the writing), but it was not an epic fail.  I tried and The Husband and Thing One think it's pretty fancy, so that counts for a lot in my book. I think that I will start cruising thrift stores in the coming week - just to get a feel of what is out there.

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Amanda said...

Cute projects! I love it when I have just the right stuff on hand to crate something new!