Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitchen Tales - Part 1 Asparagus Frittata

My poor kitchen has taken a beating this past week.  The husband was away for an entire week...which led me to be very bored and walking a thin line between sane and ridiculously crazy.  My remedy...make a whole bunch of stuff and take just as many pictures!

There was an egg inspiration.  A late night watching the Food Network inspiration.  Of course there was a blog inspiration as well.

First the egg inspiration: an Asparagus Frittata.  I got the idea from the here and had previously made the Bacon Egg Cups.  I had a ton more eggs and started looking at other things in the fridge to throw together.  I had some asparagus that really needed to be used...quickly.  So I steamed them and chopped them up and got all the other ingredients ready for the party.

I used 7 eggs, a bunch of asparagus, 2 sliced of bread soaked in milk, some sharp cheddar cheese, about a tablespoon of savory herbs and turkey hot dogs.  That's right, I said turkey dogs...don't judge me!

Introduced all the key players to each other...put them in a casserole dish
 And then into a 375 degree oven for a REALLY long time.  It was about 45 minutes, but felt like much longer since I was really, really hungry.

And there it was in all it's eggy-cheesy beauty.  I got to have this all to myself since Thing 1 was utterly disgusted by the addition of asparagus.  I didn't mind, it was really good.

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