Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cold Front

So - Baby Daddy had to go to Illinois for his Grandmother's funeral, which is sad. I was pleased initially - at the thought of only one boy to cook for and clean up after. That was until the colds came in. The wee one and I are now fighting a mighty virus. For me - not that big of a deal, as I know to drink liquids, get rest and all of that. Poor tiny man, at 19 months doesn't have all of his words yet and can't tell me quite where the pain is - so we cry. And as of last night I literally mean "we". As soon as my coughing fit would pass enough that I could think of falling asleep - his would kick in. I still keep the baby monitor on my night stand as some nights the sound of him nreathing actually helps me to fall asleep. Last night - this was not the case. I shortly entertained the thought of bringing him in the bed with me. This was only short lived as I quickly remembered not 2 nights ago where I came to the realization that sleeping with him in the bed was like being strapped down to a boxing ring with Mike Tyson having a fit of rage. As soon as I would start to fade I would get five across the face or a sturdy kick in the gut. Not quite the image of snuggly off to dreamland I had conjured up. So, I let him cough a bit and then whine himself back to sleep...and then I would cough again. It was a fun night. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was a mere 1:45am.
I guess I sort of missed Baby Daddy last night - just a little bit.

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