Friday, October 13, 2006

The Amazing! The Incredible! Aidendini!!

I realized just how sneaky little boys are. And how frighteningly so!
Last night after dinner, I put the wee one in his pack-n-play (what a horrible mother!!) so that I could go to the back bedroom and check a few things online. He was quiet - seemingly happy and content. I wasn't back there for more than 10 minutes when I hear footsteps hurriedly coming down the hallway. Let's all keep in mind that I am home alone. Baby Daddy is still off in Illinois. Soo - that was a smidgen frightening all in itself. I see his little red head poking through the door way - totally pleased with himself - as he can tell from my reaction that he has accomplished something fiendishly fantastic.
All the possible scenarios ran through my mind. There was an intruder, a polite intruder, who more than likely came through the front door only to find a very handsome young boy in the living room with arms raised up to be let out of his tiny baby prison.
Or perhaps Aiden had figured out how to push one of the buttons on the side rails and found a way out. I knew there was nothing in there that he could have possibly stepped up onto - so I was bewildered!
I asked if we could hold hands and if he could show me how he got out - as it was a terribly clever thing he had just done. He said "kay" and we walked happily together back into the living room. I put him back in and asked again for him to show mommy how he did it. He proceeded to raise his leg in a way I have not seen anyone do up to the top bar, then used his little bitty arms to push him self up on the bar catty corner to that his leg was on. And *poof* he was up and over in a flash!
Then - I freaked out. After the coffee table debacle - I couldn't stop myself from thinking of all the terrible things that could have happened. His round precious head falling onto the tile floor. What if would have slipped? And I wasn't there! All because I had some disgusting need to check my email 2 hours before he went to bed!
So, I am currently completely disgusted with myself. I am getting closer and closer to making peace with the fact that - I really don't know what I'm doing with all this "mommy" stuff.
God help that poor little boy!

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Mom of Three said...

It's a miracle to me how the human race has prospered being that its very young are so suicidal. But don't be too hard on yourself. Have a couple more and trust me, you won't have the strength to beat yourself up over a lapse in judgment, because all your brain cells will have dropped to your children in utero!

Interesting facts:

1. I have an 11 year old niece named Taryn.
2. I LOVE Shawshank Redemption, ever since I read it in Different Seasons.
3. Which "Crash" did you list on your profile, the new one or the 1996 version with the fomerly yummy James Spader?